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That’s My Dog! Inc. offers 5-star dog training services to the Tri-state area, including Dubuque, IA, Galena, Il, Platteville, WI and the Quad Cities. Check out our variety of services, then call us today to schedule a free evaluation 866-364-5239 or if you aren’t in the Tri-States learn from home with our Just Right! DVD or contact us about our exceptional Board and Train option.


iowa dog trainingTraining your dog will help you create a much better relationship and have a calmer dog!

Do you need help because your dog: jumps on people, barks incessantly, bolts through the door, pulls you down the street, or won’t come when called?

Are you tired of wishing your dog could “just settle down”?

These things are possible, you just need the right help. Your dog can learn to behave appropriately and have good manners, walk nicely by your side, and come every time you call regardless of distractions. At Thats My Dog! Inc. we can teach you the skills you need to have your dog reliable, even off leash! We have a variety of  programs to meet your needs. Whether is be Private Training Sessions, our Learn and Play Day Training or a Board and Train Program, we have a solution for you. All of our programs will teach you how to have control even in the midst of real distractions!

Private Lessons, Board & Train, and Day School Training Programs

In addition to offering Private Lessons (we coach you and you do all the training work) That’s My Dog! inc. also offers Board & Train services. This immersion program is perfect for anyone who wants to come back from vacation, a business trip or a few days away to be reunited with a happier, healthier and much more well behaved pet. Your dog gets to live with us for two weeks jam packed with learning. Fido will practice obedience and manners plus some agility for fun, attend training classes, learn to settle for grooming & handling and go on field trips. All of this experience helps the most devilish of dogs to learn much better behavior. The course includes all necessary supplies and follow up lessons plus our lifetime follow up guarantee.

We also offer Day School Training Programs. Day School offers all the benefits of Board and Train without having to leave your dog with us full time. Your dog comes to school each morning and goes home with you each night. Lessons and classes for you to learn how to maintain the wonderful new skills your dog learns are included. The benefit of Day School and Board & Train programs is that your dog learns faster and more efficiently by working one on one with a professional trainer. Once you begin your lessons to learn how to maintain things, the dog has a much clearer understanding of the expectations. Less work for you, faster learning for the dog equaling a quicker route to fully enjoying the dog in all of your daily activities.

Behavior Modification

Struggling with Aggression Problems, Shyness, Separation Anxiety and other Behavior Problems? Our extensive knowledge of dog psychology and our devotion to staying on top of the most current training techniques has earned us the reputation of being the facility people turn to when all other options seem gone. Depending on the needs of your dog, behavior modification programs can be accomplished through a variety of options including: private lessons, board and train or day school learning. Please see our testimonial page and blog for success stories of others just like you. Perhaps you have tried other training and it didn’t work, or perhaps someone told you your dog could not be helped…before you make any final decision regarding your dog’s future, please contact us. We have been the solution for many others facing difficult choices.


Robin MacFarlane with Dog HeelingRobin MacFarlane is a noted speaker and writer. She lectures and teaches workshops on a variety of training related topics. She also  mentors other dog professionals providing courses or one to one assistance on the best business building practices for the industry. Check for upcoming events or to find out more about hosting a workshop in your area, contact us directly by using our online form.

puppy trainingPuppy Preschool

This is a class for puppies who are 7 to 16 weeks of age. If you would like to join this class or would like more information contact us using our online form. Start your new puppy out right! In this class you will learn how to: House break your puppy, groom and provide appropriate health care, play positive games, and begin shaping behaviors such as leash walking, waiting at the door, and come.

You will also learn how to intervene properly to reduce behaviors such as play biting, jumping up, inappropriate chewing, and food or toy possessiveness. Your puppy will be exposed to a variety of socialization opportunities such as: meeting other people, including children, explore playtime with other puppies, and build confidence on the puppy obstacle course.



If you need to leave Fido behind for a weekend or you are heading out on an extended vacation trust us to care for your canine friend while you are away. Our boarding facility is climate controlled and kept extremely clean! We require our boarding residents to be current on vaccinations or have adequate proof of titers that demonstrate immunity to Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella.

All dogs that stay with us get a minimum of two hours of daycare activity each day which helps them sleep at night and reduces the stress of being away from home. Individual walks, playtime and limited grooming is available for an additional fee. When boarding your dog with us you will be required to provide your dog’s food and any needed medications. For more info or to reserve space please call 563-588-3039


dog daycare dubuque   Doggie Day School

That’s My Dog! Doggie Day School is a new concept in day care for your furry friend. Day care that has structure leaves your dog not only well exercised at the end of the day, but also well mannered. Dog’s that attend our program get plenty of social time with other dogs but they also learn good manners through practicing obedience, taking individual walks, learning to treadmill and having mandatory down time where they learn to just “chill out”. :-)

Day care with structure is our motto and it is what makes for a happy and content dog at the end of the day. Our day care is available Tuesday – Thursday 7:15 am – 5:30 pm. Canine friends can join us once week, multiple times per week or just occasionally but all dog’s must be pre-approved prior to attending. To schedule an evaluation, please contact us. If you’re dog needs some obedience training prior to enrolling in the Day School, we will discuss one of our training options with you.


Trainer’s School

Are you a professional trainer looking to expand your knowledge of remote collar training?
Click here for more information about our E-cademy.

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